Monday, September 17, 2007

Brown & Cream has moved!

Dear all,

Thanks for coming round! For first-time visitors, Brown & Cream unintentionally turned into a chocolate/food blog of a home baker. For returning readers, I have moved my chocolate and baking blog to a different address: Kalena's Kitchen.

Well, the name Brown & Cream kind of grew sticky over time, and I love the all-emcompassing ambiguity it gave. For months, Brown & Cream the blog gave me loads of time to discover hidden passions and find a focus, an avenue to voice my thoughts. It's funny how we sometimes take detours, go round and round to RE-discover things we once knew but had forgotten. I eventually decided to go with 2 blogs, for reasons of a diverse set of interests, and preference to let each site retain its core focus and essence.

Brown & Cream the blog will stay, but the direction is not clear as yet. I'm guessing it's going to turn into a more personal, everything-else-could-fall-in-here kind of blog, and risk being labeled as a horribly random person. Haha... well, that's me.

In the mean time, I will be quite active on 2 blogs, Kalena's Kitchen which extends my love for chocolates, baking (& everything food related!) and Kalena's Studio, which is born out of my passion for craft and design. There are intersections at some of time, which I do hope are synergistic!



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